Teacher Training:

"From the beginning of the training, Melissa established an environment of caring, trust, and fun. Her level of expertise and example gave her the ability to meet everyone at their level. She is amazing! " ~ Bill Stevenson
"Learning the Thai massage is a wonderful experience and the art of flying was amazing. The flying creates a therapeutic energy with a balance of gratitude of the capabilities of the human body. A pleasant experience." ~ Dodi Wilson

"I really enjoyed the flying poses and was amazed to realize just how much we can achieve just by letting go and trusting someone. Thai massage is wonderful and a great way to show any partner how much appreciate all they do for you also. Wonderful training and enjoyed very much. Good energy." ~ Molly Kitchen

"#Yoga #Yoga4Life #Practice #Feel #Engage #Muscle #Core #BackMuscle #Spine
Thank you so much to my beloved yoga teacher, Melissa, for today's sharing ; )
I really learn a lot, especially how to connect every movement from the muscle to muscle. I love your smile, your smile give me so much of confidences to go beyond of my limits. Thank you!!!
I really enjoy and you can see that I totally enjoy during my Savasana ; )" 
~ Samantha C. 

" I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Partner Workshop. Brian and I had a great time! Brain really enjoyed your class and afterward said he wants to start practicing yoga on a more regular basis...he told me after class that evening and all day the next day that he felt a calmness that he had not felt before. He said that because of it he felt that he was better able to handle our tow energetic boys. We are looking forward to your next Partner Workshop, hopefully soon!"
~ Karen W. 

“Thanks for the workshop Melissa.  It was good experience the inversions....finally! The first inversion I really experienced was on the chairs and if I had done this a long time ago it would have taken my fear away.  It let me feel what it was like to be truly upside down and yet feel secure.  From there I had more confidence to try the forearm (tripod) stand and using the blanket and bolster on the wall helped me tremendously.  Perhaps it was just psychological, but the bolster was a big comfort! So I was able to report to my Mum (who still practices yoga) I'd made a good effort on headstands ! Waiting for the next challenge :)”
~ Anne

“Thanks for a great workshop!!!  I'll really needed it after a very stressful week!  I appreciate your positive attitude and your joyful spirit - it is contagious!!”

Pilates and Yoga Classes:

“Thanks, Melissa, for ALWAYS teaching incredible yoga and pilates.  This past Friday’s pilates class we exceptionally helpful and challenging.  Your description of the moves and education that goes with it is A+ for sure.”

“Thank you for the information on Pilates and yoga. I want to thank you for a great class on Friday and not only on Friday but every class that you teach. I leave class feeling great. Thank you”
~ Esther

“I love your class Melissa, and I love your calm gentle approach to teaching!”
~ Suzy

“Your blog is lovely. I am so inspired to write more! Up to this point I've been afraid to go deeper on my blog... I am hyper aware that students and family read it... so I feel a little inhibited. I love the way you write.“
~ Dana, http://updogyoga.blogspot.com/

"Hi Melissa! I'm a cycling regular of yours on Mondays. I have also come to your Yoga classes and LOVE them and need to get my booty back in there :). Like I told you yesterday, I think you are such a great instructor. You are very motivating and make me want to come back for more. See you Monday!"
Lauren R. Daily

" Hi Melissa!I really enjoyed yesterday's pilates class.  Many thanks.  I would have loved to come to Colorado on the yoga retreat if only it weren't at the same time as my mother in law visiting!  You will have to tell us all about it on your return. Thanks for being so inspiring."
~ Emma
"Along with  great music, Melissa brings amazing energy that resonates through the studio in every class that she teaches. She always provides thoughtful instruction and a safe, positive environment for those of all levels of practice. Beginning yogis are encouraged and assisted, while more experienced students are challenged to deepen and expand their own personal practice.  As she guides us through each asana, Melissa interweaves attention to the body, breath, mind, and spirit allowing class to become more of a moving meditation at times.  Her enthusiasm and gift for teaching make every class a unique experience and she keeps us coming back for more!"
~ Cindi K

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