Yoga retreats- pro tips for making it happen!

What's stopping you from traveling? Taking that respite that you've always dreamed of?

Have you always wanted to go to a yoga retreat and feel it's unattainable? First, anything is possible. With time and creativity-- and remember to ask for what you want-- from everyone. The universe does conspire to make the impossible -- possible.

Here's some of my Pro Retreat Tips:
1. Start saving now. plan your trip at least 2 months out- you will find flights don't start to escalate until about a month out.... so even last minute trips are not impossible. Sites like KAYAK or even Google will help you sift through prices. will give you notices when flights go up or down for your desired destination. Did you know the cheapest day to BUY your ticket is a Tuesday? And cheapest days to fly are Tues, Wed or Sun.
2. Need the cash to travel? Start saving and planning now. Sites like Acorns help you squirrel away pennies of every dollar you spend. (You don't even notice). Offer to do extra jobs within your community circle. What are you good at? Editing, cooking, marketing, social media, photography?... Post what your good at- and tell people what you can do- ask for work and be willing to take a donated amount… you might be surprised by letting them give what they think is fair, they’ll actually offer you more than you hoped for.
3. Shop your adventure... the cheapest yoga retreat or the most expensive isn't always the best experience. Go with the teacher who’s style resonates with you most. Do you want someone approachable? Strong or sustainable practice? Meditation or Vinyasa? A relaxing retreat or adventure travel? Retreat leader experience does matter. Leaders who've put in the time, effort and energy to really plan out an exquisite offering and have lead many retreats before- is worth the extra cost.
4. Location. location. location. Go with the location that resonates with you most-- but be willing to consider a place that wasn't even on your radar. There are some amazing gems out there in locations you would have never imagined (Bhutan and Sri Lanka, among them!)
5. Grab a Friend! Traveling solo has it's benefits-but sharing a room, uber and meals cuts your costs in half. plus, it's more fun!

Remember too, you don't have to go far-- see what's happening close to you- within your city- so many beautiful day retreats and offerings.

Enjoy the day!


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