A new day, A new beginning

Each morning the sun rises.
Allow your gaze to meet the East with those tired, sleepless eyes.
As the sun’s rays spread their warmth on your skin, feel. 
Dare to feel again, just for this present moment.

You are like that sun. 
Still brilliant in the dark, the only thing hiding your rays is the fear you perceive. 
Come home. 

There is a place within you, that no one can take, tarnish or diminish.
It is the You that is radiant, at the core. Pure Love.

Not sinful, wrong, irreverent, dirty or broken. There is a place that is without pain.
You are so much more than the vessel of skin and bones that carry you. 

You are Alive.
You matter. 
You’re a part of something greater. 

As the rising sun kisses and warms your skin, it warms mine.
We are the same, you and I. Different experiences have formed and shaped us, but when we strip it all down to our essence: 

We all fear, cry, laugh and rejoice. 

We are family. 
We are. 
You and I. 


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