10 things that transformed my week

This post will be a (somewhat) weekly cliff note version of what I've gleamed from everything I've read, listened to, experienced, observed or discovered during the week. From the essentials to the inspirational finds, I've boiled it all down to my favorite things at the present moment.

It's what I'm learning this week. The things that motivate and make me feel alive. Things that make me laugh and cry or cringe and want to take over the world. Or at least in my head. I hope you enjoy... and share. I'd also love to know in the comments what's shaping your week and transforming you?

What's Malcolm Gladwell's take on the power behind the song Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen? His new  podcast series has changed my life-- or at the very least my perception of it. This episode in particular hit me. Then, made me do this.

Who is Ruby Sales? Her voice, her story and why she's an obscure part of our american history.

What is the best exercise for back pain? It is not what you think. (The best researched based article I've ever read.)

The slow yoga moment. Want to join the conversation? If you're a yoga teacher/ serious student, join me on this by request only Facebook Group.

How do you create value (in your work)? This is your checklist.

The least intimidating way to start a meditation practice. Want to go deeper?

I'm counting down to this adventure. And this wonder of the world.

Why I'm falling in love with Calgary and what we're up to this weekend.

These illustrations make me smile.

I am reordering notecards from a commissioned art this week from this artist.

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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