on love, compassion and courage.

It's a pretty vast cavern. That sometimes scary, sometimes euphoric space we navigate around love.

The more we love, the more courage is required. Where to gather this courage? Don't know, really. It usually arrives when I show up without agenda, compassionately.

The ability to hold love and pain together in the same moment; that is the incarnation of compassion.

Once I exhibit the courage to investigate without calculating expectations, I believe that's where I find tenderness and clarity.

I nudge forward.

Moving forward doesn't change the past or lessen my experiences. I now understand don't have to let go to grow. 

I can choose to un-dwell and view things from a sharper lens. Learning to tether my heart to myself, I am becoming steady and immovable within.

Realizing the greatest love affair of life is embracing mySelf with all it's wrinkles, crinkles, smiles, tears, joy, and pain. All of it.

And, just like that, not magically, but with consistent mindful effort, I know love is invariably worth the risk.

"I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart."~Alice Walker

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