Day 4: Gratitude Journal, life is short, break the rules.

Always loved this quote. My gratitude today stems from my appreciation of the truth and fun of it.

“Life is short, Break the Rules."
At nearly 43, I am continuously surprised that the world is not spinning faster and faster with the passage of time. This quickening sometimes makes me anxious to get everything done now. Never much of a rule follower- I prefer the shortest distance to the finish line without cutting too many corners. Gratefully, I tend to finish what I set my heart to do. 

"Forgive quickly, Kiss SLOWLY."
Forgiveness comes easily for me; anger only hardens the heart. Kissing seems to cure just about anything. So, YES, please to kissing slowly. Kissing and handholding are among the sweetest most romantic gestures of tenderness I can think of. Thank you god, for kissing.

"Love truly."
Love-- is. Thank you to those who offer their love and support without condition.

"Laugh uncontrollably" 
Laughter works the deepest part of your abdominal muscles. I'd much rather watch a funny movie than work out, any day. Grateful that I can laugh- mainly with my boys and at myself.

"And never regret ANYTHING That makes you smile.” 
There are a few do-overs that I have contemplated and then dismissed-- and thankfully, nothing regrettable that accompanied a smile. 


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