Gratitude Journal Day: 24-30/ Becoming Fierce

On Day 23 of this daily walk through gratitude, I flew to Sri Lanka where I had the privilege of teaching at one of the world's most renowned eco resorts, Ulpotha Ayurvedic Retreat center. I inhabited an electricity free mud hut for 2 weeks while offering 2 yoga sessions daily surrounded by lizards, monkeys, and the most beautiful greenery dripping with flowers as if they were offerings back to the earth.
I restored and connected with such a special and varied group of radiant souls while we uncovered the fierce grace and bravery that lies within us all.
Letting go of the idea that yoga has to be nice, we confronted our fears, our joys and explored the edges of our flexibility in our bodies and mind. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it speaks to your temperament or dosha so that you can seek to find a greater balance between the constitutions. For instance, when there is too much grounding, you bring in more fire as a way of enhancing the uniqueness of you. So instead of taking elements of you away, you look for bringing more of another element into your life until each becomes a little more in line with the other. A return to wholeness that is already the essence of you.
I'm learning that instead of focusing on what I don't like or the stressful challenges presented to me, to explore what I want more of. Returning to the heart of what I desire and seeking it relentlessly. Becoming fierce. And like the flowers of offerings, looking for these desires to appear around corner with gratitude. 

Looking forward to connecting with my home community at the Love and Service Retreat in the new year. Will you join me to restore and refresh your spirit?


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