Gratitude Journal: Day 20: I am (im)perfect

Grateful today for every little scar and freckle, bit of cellulite, nearsighted eyes in need of bifocals, bow legs, cavities in my teeth, and how one of my eyes squints a lot when I smile really big. 
Imperfections are just the map of a life lived fully. 
Freckles reveal the many fun days in the sunshine. Cellulite tells me how much I love coffee ice cream and chocolate bread pudding. My tired eyes remind me of how much I love to read. The bow legs that were never fixed by 14 years of ballet gave me a passion for movement and that led to teaching yoga today. My teeth are so white in spite of all the coffee I drink which makes up for the softness that give me cavities. And my squint reminds me that I love to laugh, and I want to do that more. 


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