Is What You Want Worth the Wait?

All this yogic talk about being "in the flow of life" or allowing "The Universe" to provide or reading into everything as a sign to "let go" (aka quit) has me a little annoyed.

Yes. I certainly believe it's easier to ride the flow of life than to row upstream. However, I'm seeing this "in the flow" talk being used as an excuse to take the path of least resistance. 

Be willing to wait. Wait.

There is something to be said about the passage of time and the experience you gain because of just plain old practice, hard work, sweat and patience. Instant gratification is instantly gone. Working toward a longing or goal that takes not only effort but the passage of time has a sweetness to it that you can only taste after a period of time. Certainly not right away. 

It's a balance of intuition, letting go, focus, vigorous effort and self restraint. 

Dig in and wait. 

What's your hurry?

Good things will come. 


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