What is Love?

Love is sharing your lunch with someone.

Less about the chocolate and more about the love.

Love is the reason we wake up in the morning.

Love is the why. It's what we do here.

"Love is what is in the room with you, if you will stop and listen. When our minds are quiet and our hearts are strong, we see that the whole world is full of grace." E. Lesser

I don't know what love is other than what I have experienced to be true in my own life. I do know that it is a choice to love. And, when we choose love over fear, our lives can and will open to possibilities we never imagined. 

The wedding vows of Stephanie & Adi, dear friends who joined their lives together in July of 2010, are to me a picture of this kind of opening to the hope of love blooming.

They "...enter into this marriage understanding that it's not about security or getting anything from another but rather in knowing that everything you need in life: all the love, wisdom, insight, understanding, compassion and strength resides here and now... within. They have told me that they see marriage as providing opportunities and support for growth, full self-expression, for lifting their lives to the highest potential, for healing false thoughts and small ideas. 

Enter into a journey through life with the one you love as an equal partner, sharing equally both the authority and the responsibilities inherent in a partnership, bearing together what burdens there be, basking equally in the glories. 

Give up your small selves and take refuge in each other. To truly take refuge in another other means you should take refuge in all things. This is to live and practice together." 

Let Love Bloom. 

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