to kneel and kiss the ground

“There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~ Rumi 

The ways in which I am grateful from #'s 1 to 1000: they are too numerous to list. When I reflected today on this Rumi quote, I realized that the humblest of ways to be thankful is ~ prayer.

I stopped praying one day. I just stopped. I don't know why exactly or when. Then last night, as another sleepless night encroached upon me... I cried out~ for wisdom ~ for love ~ for serendipidous moments ~ for all the wild and wonderful things that would allow me to live with abundance ~ for the sun to shine on my tired body again.

And, it did.

I live and breathe and give thanks for another day to see the sunrise... the yellows brighten the dark blue of the sky  ~ and I smile. I know that my prayers did not fall onto deaf ears but soared into the Light.

#month of gratitude #creative rehab


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