the experience of the mysterious.

"once the wings dry they can fly"-Andrew
Yoga is often called the science of the soul. Over the past decade, I've come to my own understanding of this connection in life and in nature. My kindergartener came home with the drawing of a ladybug which lead to a somewhat philosophical discussion on the birth, life and death of this insect.  
When they hatch, their bodies are covered with a film that keeps them from flying until suddenly dry, they can soar. I wonder when my wings will dry? During their 3-6 week life span they eat more than 5000 bugs to delight of farmers. I'm not that productive in 3-6 years of my own life! 
"The most beautiful experience we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." -- Albert Einstein 
To finally experience flight, I felt the responsibility to be open to the serendipity of life. Discovering a sacred awe, however mysterious, is to acknowledge the Divine within you and me. That to me is the deeper meaning of Namaste. The joining of the known and unknown and seeing it's reflection in others. As spring opens up, the mystery of the magnificent inside gives me a renewed appreciation for the beauty of my own life regardless of my inability to soar most of the time. It's brilliance is my own likeness and grants me the wings to soar. 
I'm just finding my wings now, and I can tell you once they dried I felt a lightness and freedom that enabled me to "experience the mysterious".
"God writes spiritual Mysteries on our heart,where they wait silently for discovery." - Rumi


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