I let a smallish person (my 5 year old) talk me into seeing the Smurf movie. I was prepared for the flash backs (a cartoon watching latch-key kid of the 80's) of how the evil Gargamel and his snarly side-kick cat, Azreal chase and attempt to capture the tiny blue happy Smurfs. Tra-lah-lah-lah..... lah, lah, BLAH! I felt completely Smurfed out after 2 hours of this popcorn infused bonding time. To it's credit, I did get choked up when the couple realized in the end: you must be true to yourself and follow your instincts in regards to work, make family time a priority, and allow room in your heart for magic to happen. "I smurf you", she says as she kisses her husband under the glow of the blue moon, and my son covers his eyes at the icky-ness of watching grown ups kiss.

Even lessons from the Smurfs seem timely as I turn 40 today. It's been more like a birthday month, than a single birthDAY. The whole fun of it has been in the planning process of the party rather than the party itself. (A little shin-dig I had over the weekend where there was a shark, fire thrower, gospel choir, Bhakti band, AcroYoga junkies, life sized flower creations, amazing photobooth, homemade food galore, henna, thai massage, and friends. Beautiful friends. Elves were invited but didn't show. I think I did have a smurf sighting at the Photobooth at one point. To enjoy the photos: click here.) 
As ridiculous as the Smurfs are, their purpose of to just to "be" is so relevant. That's it. Just be "smurfy" or happy. I think happiness is often the hardest most elusive place to be at times. It wasn't my party that made my birthday memorable, as spectacular as it was. It was the steps along the way which were smurfy. The cooperative sharing and plotting with friends who each contributed something they were good at, receiving help from them, and connecting with new friends all along the way. 
Through this journey, I've become "gutsy smurf", letting go of the fear that was holding me back and opening my heart wide, making room for the magic.
"Once you stare fear down. Once you declare yourself bigger than it, and take back the territory …your entire life changes." Living in fear is a paralyzing place to be. It's really true what they say about simply taking one step, then another, and another... that sense of eating an elephant (or small blue smurf) one bite at a time. That's how it's done. Anything, anything is possible. It really can be smurf-tastic. 

*singing smurf, andrew


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