Warm Love

The hippie love bubble, that's where I am. In the opening of one session, Scott Blossom and his twin brother, Tim along with Acro Yoga co-founder, Jenny Sauer-Klein, lead us a Van Morrison tune, Warm love. Scott's 2 adorable children were bobbing in and around, while we all formed a puddle around his guitar and swayed to the song. Then, he taught us a self massage sequence based on Ayurveda, complimented by a Thai massage in partners. Pure bliss.
Each day has been filled with a morning of inspiring acrobactics and partnering, followed by an afternoon of therapeutics and Thai massage. I feel every muscle in my body speaking to me as if it really weren't alive before now. With careful instructions to be safe, playfulness is the high on the agenda.
"Three is the smallest community." Building on the Acro Yoga tenant that the practice grows you as an individual, builds upon a partnership and brings it all together in community. Flyer, base, spotter. Hanuman, Sita, and Ram. Acrobatics, Therapeutics, Thai massage. Trust, connection, playfulness. It's an infinity circle of 3 that is growing and changing as it's being co-created by the founders and the community that is evolving. My body, heart, soul are overflowing.
"Warm Love. Warm Love. And, it's ever present everwhere"


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