Morning Meditation in delight of the unexpected

seated in child's pose 
every breath removes any tension I'm holding
softening my jaw, I begin to release the chores of the day  
inhaling, I give them over to the Divine, knowing my best will be Enough
exhaling, I release my "I want this" & "I hope for that" list
inhaling, I believe that all good things will come
all good things have already come
and, I have Enough
as I rise, I stand in awe 
in delight of the unexpected

"Expectations are tricky things. As soon as we get our minds or hearts firmly fixed on something--whether it's a tantalizing menu item that's no longer available, or a choice work opportunity that fails to materialize--we set ourselves up for disappointment. When we decide what is best, we judge anything other than that to be less-than-desirable. But the answer is not to avoid longing, to abandon our endeavor, or to become numb and indifferent to loss. The answer is to hold our expectations loosely, believing that God's surprises--even the most confusing ones--have the deep capacity to delight...and that maybe, just maybe, we don't know best what it is we need most."
--Leigh McLeroy 


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