morning meditation

What am I choosing in this moment today?

Stand outside in the morning air, gaze soft
Begin to shift side to side, forward and back, circle one way and then another
As you sway, match movement with a breath in, breath out
Settle evenly through feet, toes spread wide
Inhale, extend arms overhead and backbend slightly
Exhale, arms return to side

Begin again, shifting weight and swaying, reaching arms up and back down
Repeat several times until the breath melts easily into this pattern
Move into stillness, imagining the feet having roots diving into the earth
Absorb all sounds, until all you hear is your own gentle breath 
Bathe in a sensation of renewed confidence and resilience
Feel any doubt or uncertainty dissolve into the wind
Take 5 more cycles of breath, with the exhale complete yet not forced
As you walk away to set about the day, feel every step as firmly grounded as if you were still rooted

Today let your choices be firm, coming from this centered unwavering feeling. Apply this credence with vibrant confidence: Let your yes's be yes. And, no's be no.


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