Morning Meditation: teens learn the essence of relaxation

Meg's AP History Class
In the classroom (or with any group), stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder.
Allow your arms to dangle softly by your side; closing the eyes and relaxing them back into their sockets.
Initiate a slow inhale, imagining the breath moving from the middle of the circle inward.
Releasing the breath slowly, feel the spine lengthen from the the soles of your feet up to the crown of your head.
Take 5 more breathes feeling it come from the inner circle down through your body and up and out from your feet.
Open the eyes and reach your arms to the inside of the circle, as a group support one another to sitting.
Sit with legs long, every one's feet touching in the center, arms at sides, 3 breaths.
Hands behind the thighs, roll down slowly.
Left hand to heart, right hand to belly. Elbows rest on the floor.
Let the body go limp and follow the breath like a wave in from the center of the circle, into the belly and out through the heart.
Remain 5-15 minutes or as time allows.
Opening the eyes, stay on your back for as long as you like.*
Take slow movements to stand and rejoin the day.

*Eyes soft, this is a great time to get teens to talk about  anything. they are less vulnerable when they cannot make eye contact with their peers, tending to open and share more freely. Try a discussion on how they felt doing this meditation before you have them come to stand. 


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