KSR, Katy Students Run, is a group of kids from a local Katy High School nominated to be a part of this non-profit that teaches them about nutrition and healthy lifestyles while training kids to run a 1/2 marathon. Incredibly resilient, more than half of the 20 kids completed the half marathon all the way to the finish line. 

I was privileged to work with them once a week throughout the fall, leading them in core work, stretches and a bit of yoga partner work. The kids by the end were transformed, showing amazing resilience and energy. Several returning students were even more eager the second year of the program, and their excitement spilled over to the new kids. 

 The look on their faces as they came around the corner to the finish line still gives me goose bumps. 

Now in the off season, I'm leading them in yoga twice a week for the month of April on campus. We're off to a great start. In exchange for sponsoring a KSR student (donation), we're offering for donors to join in the foundations yoga class. Just send me an email

A very special thank you to all the coaches, sponsors, including Jenny Demarest (founder) and Luke's Locker. 
Another shout out to Manduka for providing all the kids great mats to use. They love 'em! 


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