Yoga Vibes: Leeann Carey Yoga videos for home yoga practice

Leeann Carey and I filmed videos recently for, an on-line video source for yogis that want to practice at home. It's an amazing archive of some well known and not so well known but great yoga teachers across the world. I found out about YogaVibes through my friend, Chrys Kub who know's the owner Brian Ratte who is also from Charlotte, NC. I recently listened to a Yoga Peeps audio of his vision for the company. Take a listen, it's really inspiring.
Flow Class at CuraYoga
Ready to start your home practice?

Partner Yoga Class with Melissa
Slow Flow Class with Melissa

Dynamic Restorative Class with Leeann
Slow Flow Class with Leeann

Kid's Yoga Therapy Classes with Chrys Kub

Thanks again to Curayoga for allowing us to use the beautiful space in Houston. Also, to the great local videographer with YogaVibes. 


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