What is Yoga?

My mentor, Leeann Carey shared with me this weekend what yoga means to her:

"Yoga is a strategy for reconciling the differences in the body and mind."  

For me, what my mind tells me is often illuminated in what my body will or will not do. My mind tells my body to elongate or hold a pose or do a complicated arm balance and often my body will disobey. Revealing to me that perhaps it's not ready yet. But most days, perhaps by moving more harmoniously with my body and "yielding" to the pose, it happens. Quiet with the constant stirring inside me. Wait, wait, waiting and feeling what my body and mind is truly capable of. 
Where I find yoga is no longer just on the mat. It's applying principle of reconciliation of my body and mind in all that I am.
A closer look 

What is is yoga to you?


  1. Nice pose. You are doing good deeds by teaching yoga. Yoga is very ancient traditional way to get rid of any remedy. Yoga not only helps to keep the body fit and healthy but it helps us to sooth our body mind and soul. I am pursuing hatha yoga teacher training and I like so much yoga.


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