Sacred Journey

Spending a playful week in New York City in the AcroYoga therapeutic "love bubble" as we began to call it, was nurturing experience. I think most folks (in Texas, anyway) look at me like I've finally walked off the deep end when I say I'm into "Acrobatic" Yoga. They can't quite comprehend what it's all about or even fathom being upside down on someone's feet. I usually ask, but have you ever tried it? You get to fly airplane like a kid. Fun aside, it's absolutely amazing to fully trust the person below you and simply allow them to stretch, twist and massage you. The spine receives the traction it's been craving while it's been supporting you, sitting in front of the computer for hours on end. 

Each day, my teachers, Jenny and Adam took us through asana sequences to prepare us to give and receive a Thai massage (I know, it's a rough life.), and we ended every day with therapeutic flying flows. Adam built upon the mantra and theme of the Hindu god, Hanuman. 

Bala Budhi Vidya Dehu Mohin
Karahu Kalesa Bikaara

Grant me the strength, wit and wisdom 
and remove my sorrows and shortcomings.

I believe there is shadow and light in all of us. Having dealt with the depths of the shadow now for longer than I care to admit, I'm grateful to not only discern the light in myself but begin to appreciate both sides of me. I don't want to remove the sorrows or shortcomings. I hope that they serve to shape and mold me into that stronger, wiser person that's already inside me. 

"Everything can change in a moment; we have little control over the outer weather patterns as we make our way through the landscape of a life. But we can become masters of the inner landscape." 
Elizabeth Lesser

When I can realistically acknowledge my failings and not dwell on them but instead allow them to propel me forward to my greater purpose or dharma, I feel freedom. To grow in the midst of pain, as a friend reminded me, is like finding treasure in the most unexpected places. It's like receiving forgiveness from a long lost love or a compliment from someone who you thought didn't care for you. "We can use what happens on the outside to change the way we function on the inside." 

I will be folding my experience from New York into my life and practice for a long time. Feeling gratitude and joy toward the amazing folks who shared in my sacred journey this week. 

In joy, 



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