Radio Lab

I have a confession. A new addiction: Radio Lab, thanks for that LC! Yes, a podcast supported by NPR... I can't wait to listen to each episode. I'm a complete inner geek when it comes to all things NPR. It's really seems to be use-less trivial info... but then again, it's not... I think it's more related to my life and to yoga than anything I've listened to in a long, long time. They take something like memory or contact or laugher and ask why? Why do we laugh? Why do we remember some things and not others? Why does touching someone cause a response in the other person?
lovely, nothing to do with radio lab... just lovely. : ) 

In one episode, they talk about our memory... there is an experiment with rats (ok, sorry all you animal loving-non-harming folk... I'm all about non-harming but if it benefits ME, loved ones, or research for a terrible disease like Alzheimer's which will effect 5.1 million in the US this year alone... bring on the rats!) So, the rats can be trained to remember things... but when they are given a chemical to break up a protein in the brain, they can "forget" what they remembered... you'll just have to listen to it, if you want to know more. But, bottom line: this is news- this could change research, this could be the starting point for a cure. I love how exciting it is to learn something about my brain or why I make choices... why not?
There's a new theory for Alzheimer's disease... and it has to do with these proteins.... read on for more.
So, every spare moment in the car, I'm enjoying these podcasts... hope you will too. (Even my 4 year old can't wait to hear & learn.)
Love of learning... that's how you live to be a centenarian. There's a study that shows it's not necessarily what we think that contributes to getting to 100.  Two things they know conclusively: it's how social we are (don't isolate yourself!) and a love of learning... keep on learning new things. Challenge yourself to learn a language, play an instrument, learn a new yoga pose or photography or try writing with your other hand... whatever inspires you... do it. You just may live a long full, life.


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