Musings for Today:

"Mom I know how to swim now. But I still can't walk on water." Andrew, 4, discussion over breakfast on how he learned to swim this weekend at his grandparents house. I said, I think you mean, "walk in the water?" We speculate that maybe he has balloons inside his biceps that keep him from sinking. He seems to float and can't quite dive or sink into the water. ; )

Nathan just read this and said, "Mom is that supposed to be a joke? It's not funny. That's creepy."


Nathan and I pray before he leaves for school. Nathan's prayer: "Dear Lord, please help me to have a great day at school, to have fun at recess, to learn so much long division that my brain explodes, help Andrew behave & have fun, and help mommy to ommmm well in yoga" then he did a bollywood like dance out the door.

Om indeed. All is well. All is well.


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