Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is quite popular in Houston thanks to Ann Hyde & Catherine Allen, 2 of Ana Forrest's assistants, who live and teach in the area. Ana who created her own unique style of yoga (why not, everyone is these days), with emphasis on abdominal strengthening and incredible balancing feats. Her workshop on Friday was all about a celebration of your yoga practice. A 2 and a half hour workshop that stretched into 3, really kicked my tail after a long week of extra classes taught and a few helpings of additional personal practices.

Now what you'll see on youtube is enough to never want to take Forrest Yoga just due to the intimidation factor. But, what I experienced at the workshop was options. For everyone. She took special care and attention on several individuals who had pre-exsisting injuries, and she offered up 3-4 ways of doing some of the more challenging poses, as a way of "celebrating" our practice of yoga. I'm far from pretzel-like and not sure I even want to be at this point in my life. But, I do admit with practice and patience and most importantly, using my breath, I can really let go of some tension in my muscles and begin to feel them open, expand, and where I am today with a particular posture (forearm stand, handstand, etc.) is completely different from where I was 6 years ago and even 6 months ago. Anything worth while takes time, study (svadhyaya) and consistent practice (abhyasa). Not so I can get all twisted, but so that I can feel the freedom in my body.

Heres's a sample of her amazing feats on Youtube.

Here's something a little more realistic: some wrist stretches we learned.


  1. I thought you might want to know about some Ana Forrest classes that are offered on a website called YogaVibes ( On this site you can stream several of Ana's dvd classes, as well as a video that is being offered exclusively on YogaVibes (it just went "live" today). Here is a link directly to her classes, which you can stream from your computer... Let me know if you would like a promo code for your readers so they can get 20% off any of the more than 90 full-length yoga classes that are available.

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