Acts of Kindness

"Acts of kindness are hold knots on life's climbing rope." --Elizabeth Berg

Just when I thought everything was going smoothly, things began to turn upside down. (A cavity fixed a second time, and still not fixed!; another medical test at the OBGYN (3 one, praying for normal results this time); 2 yoga instructors resigned, and one I thought was coming on board changed gears and decided not to; my kids are, well, they're busy kids; and a few other set-backs that are probably best described as pursuing things unnecessarily and taking things too personally...) How small our world is when we focus on our own trials. (Which are so minor compared to a beautiful friend who gave birth naturally to a stunning baby boy and can still have a fab sense of humor. Congrats, MS.)

I have to say after a good nights sleep and a leading lovely group of students in a yoga class, things seemed to look a little brighter. (What isn't better with a little chocolate, a good rest, and then moving to get those endorphins flowing?) Another bright spot? Friends. An encourager sent me a text gently reminding me to have Faith & Trust God and to let go and quit clinging on to what I think I can control. And, another friend who simply listened and then took action. She came to my rescue, and it was with such a charitable heart (D, you rock, sister!).

Ricky Tran closed his workshop last Sunday by reciting Yoga Sutra 1.33. Which was fortuitous since I blogged about it last week. In life, we're to cultivate four attitudes: friendliness, compassion, appreciation and indifference. Always a believer in serendipity, how divine to see how others lived this out for me.

Much Metta (loving kindness*),


*Closing this blog with the salutation Victoria B uses often. (Much Metta to you, sweet friend.)


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