John Mayer

An amazing concert Sunday night with Michael Franti and John Mayer! Incredible... Agh! I cannot stay up late... what happened to me??-- after only 30 minutes of John on stage (by 10pm), I was wiped! Even tire, we had a fantastic time.

I wanted to take a sabbatical Sunday rather than teach a long training. And, I love teaching! As always, when I'm there, I'm fully there and thrive in teaching... and it was actually wonderful. Just a handful of talented teachers with their heart fully in it, and we enjoyed a challenging and yet relaxing practice together.

Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other and not talking yourself out of what you know you would benefit from that requires some effort... is worth it.

Off to yoga & pilates with a great mix of music... and staying in positive because life is way too short to dwell in the I'd rather be doing this or that mind-set!


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