Down Dog debate

Ah, the great debate going on over down ward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). I understand the importance of getting it right anatomically.... but when I look at the hours I've spent reviewing and reviewing my notes from Judith Lasater's Anantomy workshop and other resources... agh. I need to take myself (not yoga) a little less seriously.

I had a great conversation with another yoga teacher at that conference. She asked me who I've studied with. Sadly, I suppose we're all looking to see if each other measures up in some way (what certifications/ training/ a who's who of yoga)... she commented that she finally had to just pick ONE style because teaching and learning so many different versions of the same posture was beginning to feel schizophrenic. (Iyengar, Power, Anusara, Yoga Trance Dance, Bikram,...I could name a zillion. Just google it and see how confusing it can be.)

While I can relate to what she's saying, I also feel that by opening myself up to new and different options gives me the power to choose. I hope to teach in a way I feel best suits my students and allows them to practice safely with awareness.

So the debate continues over down dog (shoulder alignment, in particular) and over whether we have to pick and stick with a style or dabble and play with it all... what do you think?

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  1. I say blend, baby, blend. I thought after this Anusara weekend I'd be lost, but honestly, I feel a greater well from which to draw my teachings than ever. Not to mention my personal practice (what there is of it these days!) is sure to turn a corner, already has done so! Thanks for asking the question. Love you. D


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