We've (some teachers & I ) been thinking about what we could do for a Karma project (an act of service that benefits the community and gives back generously in some way.) Any suggestions?

In researching, I chose to take a challenge that I read about, 29gifts.org. An American yogini with MS who was inspired by an African woman to give gifts for 29 days straight and then wrote a book about it. (What isn't there a book about these days?!) Sort of the same concept as the Happiness Project-- A little gimmicky, but I've always loved giving gifts. I think I love giving them even more than receiving them. (Gifts are one of my "love languages", along with acts of service.) The point: we're all better off when we are in the heart and act of service to others (karma yoga). And, of course the added benefit of those feel good endorphins, ahhhh.

So here goes... day 1: giving flowers to someone in secret. (Is it really in secret, if I'm telling you!? At least the recipient won't know. : )) Who doesn't love flowers? Even if they say they don't, secretly, I believe every woman does and certainly deserves them. It's one of those things that's difficult to justify buying for yourself.

To the art of giving!!


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