Sacred Warrior

"Becoming a sacred warrior means not to do battle with others but to develop the kind of courage one needs to be kind and happy and radically alive in the midst of the world. There is only fearlessness, which is to be found in the heart and is the path to freedom." -- Trungpa, The Sacred Path of the Warrior

I'm giving up the battle within myself today. Just handing it over and surrendering to the unknown or really to what I already know to be True. I think if you're going forward, you have to commit fully or not at all. I've been living a half life for quite a while. One foot in the door to keep it cracked, just in case. Today, I'm walking through. And praying for the cloud to lift and the sun to shine brightly through me.


  1. Thank you for this, Melissa. I believe you are confirming what so many warriors of the spirit, miracle workers and artists of the soul are feeling. In our KUndalini practice on Friday evening Hari Bhajan Kalsa described it as "focusing on our strengths, our calling, our love and turning over the struggle to God, the Unknown, the Truth, the Universe". To 'commit fully or not at all' is truly the greatest perceived challenge and it is wonderful to have you shed some light on it via your blog. The "half-life" can be a deceptive comfort zone for awhile...and then, after a window of insight opens through a chance meeting, an inspiring class or profound meditation that life that we wore like a comfortable old sweater starts to feels itchy, tight, and just the wrong color. I look forward to your further insights as the old sweater begins to unravel to reveal what is underneath. love your playlist.

  2. Thanks Jen. Your encouragement is much appreciated! It's amazing to me when someone even reads this. I am really writing as my own therapy and way to process.
    In joy!
    PS I take music requests!


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