without complaint

"Live a life without complaint."-- JL

I talked with a fellow yogi and friend yesterday and found myself going on and on about something. When I took a deep breath (to continue on my rant), I caught myself... I took in all of the stuff I had just said and immediately felt a wash of "ugh!".

Then, later I was attempting to open a twitter account (evidently Judith L twitters quotes (which I love)- who isn't twittering besides me?! Goodness!) and saw a quote from JL: "Dare to live a life without complaint!" Oh goodness. Well, then my best friend called, and I retold the story to her. Complaining that now I should not be complaining.

It's interesting when things are brought into the light and you become aware. For me that's what defines yoga, to become aware- good / bad, whatever. Not to "try to be good" but just to draw that focus to what I'm doing or saying that impact my well-being and those around me. Have you noticed the more you try NOT to do something (not eat that ice cream, not to complain, to restrain or cut from your life) the more it calls to you!? So rather than cut or remove it- acknowledge it's there then make a conscious choice to either do it or not. The act of choosing will diminish the power of whatever it is that seems to have a hold on you.


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