Safety Sally

No sooner did I make this last post saying... "I should back up my computer"... and then it happened. Nothing happened. My computer wouldn't even turn on. Almost a week later (or what feels like at least that long to someone who's clearly too attached to her computer), it's repaired. The most remarkable thing of all? No charge! I don't have a warranty, I didn't back it up... and yet everything not only worked itself out, it taught me some huge lessons.

1. Where is 'Safety Sally'? She would have backed up her computer every day. Instead, I'm 'Risky Rhonda'... never backing up and well... no good can come of that. (Is it laziness? the desire for risk?)
2. I'm way too dependent on my computer and technology in general. (mind you, I had access to email without my laptop... but I'm entirely too spoiled because everything is on my laptop...) Aparigraha (non- grasping- clearly a Yama that I need more clarity on)
3. I was just fine without it. In fact, I cleaned and purged the entire upstairs (no matter that the boys unsorted (played!) within minutes of sorting toys...) (Apraigraha, again, non-hoarding!)
4. I'm a much happier, calmer mother and have more focused time when I'm not keeping one eye on my email and the other on them. (Drishti- single pointed focus... needs improvement)

I'm looking forward to Stephanie's workshop this weekend, setting Sankalpas (a resolution or set intention) and pushing past my Samskara's (repeated patterns of behavior- like an annoying song playing on a loop that define who you think you are as a person.)

In need of letting go of actions that do not serve me or my children and making intentional choices on how I spend my time- with regard to technology... do we really need to be that connected? What do you think?


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