Music Memories

Music is powerful. When you hear a song, aren't you magically transported to when and where you first heard it or to when the song had the most meaning to you? At the risk of dating myself, I'll share my music history.

As a child, I can remember playing the Nutcracker Suite on a record player in my living room, dancing around, dreaming of being a prima ballerina. Discovering Beethoven 5th and Chicago's Saturday in the Park on old 45's my dad had was equally as memorable. Later, Growing up in Dallas, Texas, I had a neighbor who loved country music and all things Tammy Wynette who stood by her man, and we sang to eight tracks of Loretta Lynne's Coal Miner's Daughter and Chrystal Gayle (who didn't want that hair?) at the top of our lungs in my backyard on the swingset, I'm sure thinking no one was listening. Then, I watched Fame, the entire album was an anthem to who I wanted be and wished for as a little girl -- to dance. So after, my first prized yellow Sony walkman in the 80's had me listening to Duran Duran and Rick Springfield (equipped with Tiger Beat magazine posters on my walls of my favorites). Michael Jackson's Thriller had a huge impact on me with the zipper jackets, parachute pants, and moon walk (which I perfected with some glee). With each year, a defining song... dressing, dancing, and singing to Like a Virgin by Madonna. I even had a 7th grade English teacher who I secretly worshiped who looked just like Madonna with all her bangles, cool cut up clothes and bleached-blond hair. However, the slow dance songs of the 80's (Air Supply's All out of Love, still invokes a tear or two when I'm having a lonely day) were always a downer for me, since I was boyfriend-less until High School. In High School, I dated someone who listened to Randy Travis, Alabama, and Jimmy Buffet (Margaritaville- never mind that I never had a Margarita before- and not until my late 20's! But, that's for another blog writing.). I rapped with a fellow drill teamer who cranked up Bust-A-Move and Run D MC as loud as it would go in her lemon-yellow colored caddie as she drove us to practice and games day in and day out. College in the 90's, were my country music years, equipped with rocky mountain jeans and ropers (boots) and huge hair as I two-stepped my way through with the Judd's, Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson, and of course, the legend, George Straight with songs too many to name. I also began to teach group fitness classes in the 90's but this is where my music gets generic. I started purchasing pre-made cd's of step music to play for my classes and stopped actually listening to the music. I know, it's hard to believe. But, I didn't care what I played because it all sounded the same to me, with the 135-148bpm (we played it way too fast to be safe in those days). So, there's a decade, while transitioning to motherhood, where I really didn't listen to much music. I enjoyed it but didn't really get into it, other than some contemporary Christian praise and worship music. Until around '08... when we returned home from Malaysia, I discovered itunes. I'm always a slow adopter for new things. Now, I cannot imagine playing a pre-set cd for spinning or yoga. It's shameful how many songs I have now on my computer. (That reminds me, I need to back up my computer.) I am really enjoying it more than I ever imagined. Songs are so powerful. I'm loving discovering new music- of every genre and incorporating them into class.

At a few students requests, here's the playlist from Wednesday's Vinyasa Class... Would love to hear what your favorite songs are - and as always, I take song requests.

(song, artist, album)

Canyon People, R. Carlos Nakai
Bolo Ram, Wah!, The Best of Wah!
Youthless, Beck, Modern Guilt
Drummer's Reel, Dhol Foundation, Big Drum: Small World
See You In The Light, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Yell Fire!
Om Narayana, Wade Imre Morissette, Sargam Scales of Music
Universal Traveler, Air, Talkie Walkie
Let Me Be Sky, Jai Uttal, Thunder Love
Food Is Still Hot, Karen O And The Kids , Where The Wild Things Are
Falling Slowly, Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, Once (Music from the Motion Picture)
There Is So Much Magnificence , Steve Gold
Encore, Soulfood, Mystic Canyons


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