"Reach for Sukha or comfort. Creating spaciousness in the back."-- Susi

Monday we did backbending, heart openers in my Hatha 2 class. Backbends create flexibility, elasticity and strength in the spine. Not only that, but they lengthen the muscles (stretch) of the abdominals, tone & massage the abdominal and pelvic organs, strengthen leg & arm muscles. I think the most powerful aspect is how it can allow and bring a release of emotions. It's very exposing- your chest is wide open- you're moving to a point that your armpits open to the world. It's the ultimate anti-depressant! It also requires courage and a sense of adventure... or maybe for those of us who are more timid, helps to cultivate that part of us that we often hold back (by rounding our shoulders and having a slumped posture.) Right now, stand up, open your arms to the sky, lift your chin and lean back softly. Breathe. Breathe. How can you not smile when your arms are open to give and receive?

"Our body is a like a water hose, energy flows from the inside out to take all the kinks out."-- C Sells


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