Yoga Sutra 1.20

Sraddha Virya Smrti Samadhi Prajna-Purvaka Itaresam.

These 5 requirements bring success: Sraddha (faith), Virya (strength), Smriti (memory), Samadhi (contemplation), and Prajnapurvaka (discernment or illumination).

Sraddha or faith should empower you and the people you meet and resembling a flowing river. When you have faith, there is no fear that can bind you. (Having no boundaries can create fear or insecurity). Samadhi, total absorbtion (no room for doubt) where you are absolutely present in practice or service which is powerful and full of intensity. Be strong (with true courage or Virya energy comes) and you will have the memory of the mistakes you've made to learn from. Smriti or memory is rememberance, being clear of purpose or practice.

YS 1.20


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