Maitraydisu Balani.

Through meditation on compassion comes intense power. Companionship + compassion equate to no fear and therefore transmits great power. Let go of "victim mentality" and have compassion.

YS 2.24

I've been doing some teaching to teachers this past 2 weeks-- and loving it! I feel absolutely in my element and am so grateful to be doing it. Also, extremely humbled. When you teach, especially teachers (who know so much and often think act as if they know it all-- me included, at times!), it's extremely humbling. The approach that I have taken is one that I learned from several other of my mentors- Stephanie Adams and Melody Morton, in particular. They teach with heart- and in a way that expresses their desire to see their students grow in a way that makes them feel challenged and yet successful.

Many of my students have asked me how I did on my level 2 Peak Pilates test-- well, I'll be honest and say that while I passed the written, I have an opportunity to re-do some of the practical section. I personally think I did the best that I could have done that day. Without making any excuses, I know that I could have done far better. Did I do all that I could have done in preparation? Probably not. Here's where I got another big dose of humble pie. To learn from my mentors what real leadership, compassion, and grace means has been a gift- one I hope to pass on.


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