Sun and Clouds

"The sun is covered by layers of clouds, but remains unaffected by them. The work of the wind is to drive the clouds away and the more the clouds disappear, the more the light of the sun appears. There is no change in the Spirit- He is infinate. God alone is eternal, and He never changes; everything else is transitory. We make our own destiny. The sun shines for both the weak and the strong. All the strength you need is within you. " -- Pathways to Joy

I think I've quoted this before. But today it is especially fitting. A new chapter begins and life is evolving for me- the clouds (my circumstances) are changing but God remains faithful. I can see the hard road ahead, but I feel confident that what will unfold is meant to be. I am exactly where I am supposed to be today. Being open to learning and growing from the hardships (even self-imposed ones!) just gives me more confidence and peace.

My sweet Andrew, who will be 4 next week, asked yesterday why there were no clouds in the sky. I said because God made a beautiful day. He said he will "ask God to make the clouds tomorrow. There should be clouds."

Yes, Andrew, there are always clouds but blue skies remind us of His unchanging nature and grace, and there, through grace, we find freedom.


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