"Don't let the energy ride you. Live. Find stillness and groudedness in the moment."-- P.Seth

Enjoyed an lovely day of Vinyasa yoga yesterday by Chris DeLaRosa. After the practice, as a group of trainers, we had to share 5 minutes on yoga philosophy or any topic we felt appropriate to a group of about 50 other other yoga instructors from the Minnesota area. It was completely humbling. I was going to share on yamas but then of course winged it and decided on something all together different.

It amazing to me how things continue to come together in unexpected ways- so much in life is just what you make of it. How we perceive it. I've heard the example that, we can all see the sunset or sunrise each day but depending on where you are is how you view it. The sun is the same. It does not change, it's just all in how you see it from where you are.

Puja Seth gave a talk on Karma in Hood River: "The greater Truth is to move beyond the pattern of our lives (Karma), to transcend it . Karma is an imprint, the things that happen to us or our make up (the color of our skin). We can live with our Karma through Dharma (your path). It's having a higher level of consciousness to ease the situation. An awareness of how to best serve (Karma) rather than just react to a situation. This or this is happening to me, so do I act or re-act to it? When you approach Karma with more Karma (acting with softness and compassion), you get more Karma."

Grounded for the moment,



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