Staying Present

The most challenging asana (posture) is to stay present. I'm challenged this week to stay in the moment and not run ahead of myself (dreaming, wishing, planning...). My hope is to reflect on the joyful moments (not the painful ones)... then in that moment think, I can do that (joy) again. It's important for me not to leave the joy (the experience) I'm having now in order to try to relive past experiences or move to new ones just yet. I have to save those conversations until I am finished... allowing me to be HERE (present) now.

This lesson came out of one of Stephanie's sessions at Heart Gate. We all began to talk about leaving and then when would we see each other again? And, we still had a week left of training! It's so easy to get caught up on the excitement and then want to re-create that as soon as possible. When we do that we may miss the things that are there right in front of us to experience... at this moment.

"Our biggest gift: to be present. Be attentive without judgement or thought. Just BE without expectations. Total attention and availability. Being totally present shows love and respect for others. Only when you're attentive, can you receive."-- Anand


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