"Shallow breath creates shallow thoughts."-- Anand

Prana is energy, and everything is a manifestation of Prana. Breath is one of the 5 pranic systems, and the only one we have control over.

Over the next week or so (as life and children allow...), I'll share some of the breathing techniques Anand taught us this summer in Hood River.

This one seems simple-- but because we tend to breathe in our upper chest cavity, it requires discipline to turn the mind away from distractions (see yesterday's post) and breathe deeply. Allow more time than you'd like to. Sitting in stillness for any length of time requires willingness to begin and gets easier with practice.

Sitting in easy seated pose, Sukasana, breathe deep into your navel until you become aware of your breath. Place one hand on heart as an expression of gratitude and one hand on your navel center while breathing in and out.

Just breathing,



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