"Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich." -- Sarah Bernhardt

As usual, I wake up before my alarm, 4.45 which is usually set for 5am. My new rule, if it's within 30 minutes of my alarm, I get up rather than laying there thinking about getting up. Once up, coffee maker on, start lunches, turn on computer, open journal and then.... boys wake up. Drew's started a new habit of waking before 6 (sometimes before 5am). So, a favorite book or two later and a snuggle... he's back to bed for at least thirty minutes before Nathan goes barging into his room and wakes him up for a fun game of let's go "steam roll" (tackle) mommy and ask for breakfast... sigh. So the morning begins.

It occurred to me this morning, that my multitasking has gotten a little overboard. After starting lunches, making breakfast, I go to use the bathroom (am I really blogging about this??? wait, it does have a point...), and because I just can't do just one thing at a time, I start to read an article about what else? Multitasking... in the article, the author sets out on an experiment for 30 days to "untask" or do just one thing at a time. Is that possible? Do people do that? Well, I'm pretty sure they do... I've witnessed that with men. Most women, I have observed are a one-thing-at-a-time kind of person and generally do two or more things at one time all day long. (Now this is a very broad generalization, no comments on this, please.)

My typical morning: check email, listen to itunes (click to buy new song and while that is downloading), start blogging, while Nathan asks me to sign his homework page and Andrew needs cream put on his mossie bite, I drink my coffee and change out a load of laundry, referee a war over a toy, contemplate and make notes on classes for the day.... I could go on and on... surely I'm not the only one?

If you're familiar with Ayurveda and the different Dosha's (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)... you could probably guess that I'm a Vata/Pitta. (If you're not, take a quiz to find your Dosha:

I'm not saying multitasking is wrong. I'm just observing my strengths and acknowledging areas that need improvement or balance. The benefit of knowing your Dosha is to create and find that balance... and it helps you determine the kind of yoga practice is best for you. Pitta's and Kaphas would do well to have more strenuous exercises. Vata's benefit from slowing down, calming the mind.

Trying to find balance for today--



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