A mantra is a sacred sound used in mediation practices.

Shanti Mantra

Om sarve bhavantu sukinaha
Sarve santu niraamayaha
Sarve bhandrani pashyantu
Maa kaschid dhukha bhaagavet

May all beings be happy.
Let all living beings experience joy.
May all be established with their true nature.
May all be established with their true nature by overcoming all the pain and suffering.

When I'm teaching, usually don't sing mantras. Weaving philosophy in my classes feels natural but mantras still seem awkward to me, as if I'm not being genuine or true to myself. (A tall Texas Aggie singing a mantra just seems odd...) Maybe one day...

I do, however, often closed by saying (not singing) with "Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu" which is a universal prayer. "Let all be happy". And don't we all want our own slice of happiness and joy?

Loving life,



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