Just Breathe

Hood River, Oregon

Yogafit 500 hour RYT program

Having just returned from one of the most transformational experiences of my life, I like many of the ten other women that went through this journey with me, are having to adjust to the day to day routines of the real world. Back to our families, homes, students, and the reality of life. Someone asked me what my experience was like and I had a difficult time putting it into words. So, this is my attempt to share what we experienced and learned.

Going back through my chicken scratch notes, I'll try as best I can to glean some insights from our thoughtful teacher Anand and Puja. I hope to do it justice. And, I hope to share what I'm learning day to day back in Texas as I go through some major life changes and adjustments.

I hope you yogi's in the hood will join me in posting. I would love to have a chronicle and discussion of what we learned, hope to share with our students, and how we're applying it (or not) to our lives.

Just Breathe

Breathing was all I had in mind when I arrived. I just needed to breathe. But, that quickly changed to being in the moment. Committing to LIVING totally in the present.

I have to be real and say how little philosophy that I knew coming into this training. It really wasn't until I was totally immersed in Hood River—Heart Gate Sanctuary – that I have seen such love in action. Women truly devoted to a practice – not a physical one- because, frankly, that’s what I thought I would be challenged most on. When, in fact, that was the least challenging aspect of all for me (other than a few Kriyas, moving meditation). But, a practice that goes deeper—into our hearts and out through our actions. We all seemed to be gaining courage and feeding off each other’s intense and sometimes quiet energy. It was a roller coaster of emotions- an explosion of deep respect and gratitude for 10 women who I never met before – and now am completely bonded with for life over an experience that has and will define my life for years to come.

"WE are all struggling toward that one end, through our jealousies and hatreds, through our love and cooperation. A tremendous stream is flowing toward the ocean carrying us all along with it, and though like straws and scraps of paper, we may at times float aimlessly about in the long run we are all sure to join the Ocean of Life and Bliss." (Pathway to Joy)

Enjoy the day- Live...



  1. This is so beautiful...it would be great to have the pieces Yvonne and Martha wrote on here, too. You are all forever alive in my Heart.

    Love and Love

  2. Melissa,

    Would you be OK with us putting part of this on the YF website "intensives" page?


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