A happy heart... that's what I tell my kids they need to have! Most of the time, I'm asking, where is your happy heart?! Last night at the dinner table, we asked the kids to "go around the table" and say what they are thankful for. Which we thought it meant, share one a time. But, Drew, my 3 1/2 year old, promptly got up out of the chair and starting marching around the table saying all that he was thankful for... I can't even recall what he said, really because we were laughing so hard. Then, we each took turns walking around the table listing our gratitude's! Kids are so literal and yet, how great was it that he didn't even hesitate to share his blessings!

After dinner, I took a walk (I'm sure that really surprises all my yognis in the hood!), to watch the gorgeous Texas sunset, and with every step, started counting my blessings. What was I grateful for? Love, my kids, challenges, unexpected blessings, teaching, yoga, amazing friendships, family, shoes to walk in, sunsets.... Life! By the time I got home I felt like doing Anand's "cure for depression" a standing backbend, with arms wide open. He said in class once, it's impossible to be depressed in this pose!

Anand also said, when you understand your alone-ness, there will be immense opportunity to love. LOVE. GRATITUDE. JOURNEY.

What are you thankful for?




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