Tiny Wins in 2020

What were your tiny wins in 2020?

Seems that it ranges from reading dozens of books to craft and artistic talents to getting divorced! (Could be the demographics of my friend group talking here...)

For me, the tiny wins are:

More time with my youngest son. He (unlike a lot of kids having to do online school) is breezing through it and consequently, we have camped, puzzled, walked, and hugged a lot these past 10 months. 

Wins for Caregiver Wellness Retreat. We've set out to raise more than we spend, and we've hit that goal this year. We've ushered more than 500+ caregivers through online retreats and continue to plan and prepare for more creative online gatherings in 2021. I am blown away by the support. 

I've taught 3 Restorative Yoga Teacher Trainings online. Each time, a little bit better, different, and unique to the group. It's the way I approach learning: teaching from an inquiry method and then allowing them to be solution-oriented. 

Everything is now online. Where we were trying to do digital detoxing prior to March 2020, we're now almost 100% online with everything from grocery shopping, to teaching, to any form of communication to doctor appointments. Zooming morphed into being a Zoombie... and now I'm realizing that we can use it skillfully to co-regulate our nervous systems... along with a healthy dose of nature. 

Grad school, with a 4.0. I embarked upon a degree in clinical mental health with the desire to help caregivers and others with grief and loss. 2 more years to go with one semester in the books. I am so proud of myself. I never imagined I could go back to school and be successful. It's really amazing to me what is possible now. 

Most of all, I found myself. The 2 pandemics - the social injustices and the pandemic itself have proven to be our biggest teachers. I have deeply explored my own white privilege and the whiteness of wellness, had some tough conversations, and physically distanced myself in such a way that I haven't seen my family for a year. 

I was running too many directions and this year clarified who I want to be when I grow up. Someone who sees the beauty in others, who strives for less, and balances family time, with philanthropic work with work that pays that I love (restorative yoga). It's been a year of seeing clearly, thank you 2020. Let's not go back to normal--- let's just grow from here.


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