The Smell of Christmas

What smells do you love?

Gardenias on a warm spring day as they climb up the wall reaching heights beyond me as they mature. 

Popcorn with peanut oil as my kids throw their backpacks down and collapse on the couch before doing homework. 

The smell of a vine ripe watermelon as it splits open against red Oklahoma dirt- not overripe... but perfect in its sweetness. 

Vanilla and chocolate as the cookies bake to perfection - not too crisp, not too soft. 

And, cinnamon and pine from the candles and trimmed tree in our living room. After 49 turns around the sun and my second wedding anniversary on the 22, there's no other season like Christmas- especially in Santa Fe. The nostalgia of eating the crust off my grandma's pies, perfectly wrapped presents, and the anticipation of Santa ("those who believe still, no matter their age, receive")... is fresh in my heart. 

May this holiday bring you warm and fragrant memories that hold you until we are together again. 

Merry Christmas, 



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