Time out.

Why is the day so cold when the sun is so bright?
Breathing in, breathing out twice.

My heart is 1687 miles from here under warmer skin.
The space between us holds reverence for patience.
Patience puts its wet nose on my knee and wags it's tail, asking me for another walk, a pet, a treat.

Then, the sunshine calls me like a lover.
Let me wrap you with my warm embrace.
Kissing your eyes and adding freckles to your face.

As music streams, it floods memories.
The Black Keys bellow, Now She's Gone, Long gone. 
I turn to my hardbound friend once again, page after page, her words on bravery and true belonging
Reminds me to stand in my power, even if that means temporarily standing alone.

Oh Karma, you're rich with secrets of my past.
Was I so determined that I was mistaken for bossy in my past life?
This life has proven to be one bold, determined decision after another.
Costly choices, no regrets.

Time flies forward to deadlines.
Time crawls forward to love.

All in.

Today and always.


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