365 days of gratitude via snail mail

Almost 2 years ago, I started "365 days of gratitude via snail mail 
to extraordinarily beautiful souls” and documented the letters on Instagram.  
What is snail mail? I have been asked this question by a few folks just 
a bit younger than me, so perhaps it’s worth clarifying that it's a hand 
written letter received via your post box.
I’m 635 days into this project that I wanted to complete in a year. 
Frustrated with my inability to keep up, I felt like quitting many times. 
No one would notice an unfinished project that I’m not really accountable 
to anyone but myself. Abandoning the project would be the easy thing to do.
However, I am pretty stubborn and determined to conclude before 
the 2 year mark. What keeps me going? There’s something to be said for quality. 
I’d rather take more time to finish with perseverance than rush through 
it just to say I did it. Besides, I get so much joy out of writing letters. 
Takes me back to when my grandmothers would send me letters in 
their beautiful cursive handwriting telling me about nothing really: 
the weather, errands they would run or bits of family news.

There is also something sweet about sitting down with my coffee 

in the morning, sun shining through my sheer living room curtains 
and telling someone how much they have impacted my life.

In fact, I’d like to tell you, too, how much I have appreciated your 

support from across the miles. If you haven’t gotten a letter from 
me or want another one, please reply with your postal mailing address. 
I get a chuckle every time I ask someone for their address and 
they send me their email rather than postal address. 
Doesn’t anyone write by hand anymore? 

from Day 285: Rose Silva: a nurturing and caring soul who is pioneering sustainable yoga in her corner of Texas. Thank you for your loving and kind spirit. | 365 days of gratitude via snail mail to extraordinarily beautiful souls.

Is there something you started last year that you thought that you lost the energy or excitement to finish? Why not let this be your year to do it. Begin today. That’s all you have anyway, today. As the day unfolds, can you be present in it? Let that good, unhurried unfolding teach, heal, restore, encourage and direct you to specific and heartfelt thankfulness.

May 2015 be filled with joy, good health, love and omission of everything unnecessary revealing only what matters most. Let’s just do that, what matters most. 

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