Day 6: Gratitude Journal, no holding back.

When the opportunity arises to express gratitude today don't hold back. 

Tell everyone - Everyone how much you appreciate them. You may not get another opportunity quite like today. So when you feel that... that urge... that little tingle you get when you KNOW you should say... you look great or I've been thinking of you... or I love you. Say it. 

I appreciate you, son #1 because...

you make me smile.
you almost always have something kind to say.
you cook amazing eggs. (Can I teach you to make coffee next?!)
you forget wrongs and remember rights.
you love books and music and books and music.
you know exactly when I need a hug. 
you held it together when your tooth got knocked out, 
then, you thanked me for being there for you. 
you are taking this teen-coming-of-age thing in stride. 

I love you. You pretty much rock. 

Join us for 30 days of Radical Gratitude -- it's never too late to be thankful.


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