Day 2: Gratitude Journal, everything is a miracle

Today, I am grateful to be alive. To be able to live with a sense of sacred awe for this life. 

I am also grateful for a lovely human and friend, Carl who throughout the time I've known him has strived to serve others and live what he believes. 

Gratitude overflows as I reflect on what I have learned from him: to take it easy on Sunday mornings; that the person in front of you is the most important; serving our country is a privilege, and it's our responsibility to honor those who do; that the main thing is not to hurry: Nothing good gets away; family is everything and to remember and respect your roots; to live as simply as possible; and love is always moving and it never forgets- Love – is life

I appreciate how we are all refections of the company we keep. When we sharpen one another, the best version of ourselves shine through. I still see miracles all around me. I hope you see miracles, too.

Join us for the 30 days of gratitude. Expect miracles. 


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