Day 10: Gratitude Journal, all that is good.

Grateful that I can step back and allow others to take care of me once in a while. My generous friend Dawn did just that this weekend. From navigating my way to providing coffee and a comfy bed. But mostly she has sweet, sweet listening ears. This woman is fiercely loyal and incredibly generous. Thank you, dear one.

Grateful for friends who reach out, asking how I am and remember the small stuff... because it's in the small stuff that makes us feel cared for and nurtured. Thank you Jenn and Suji.

Grateful for snail mail... received a lovely hand written letter today that made my day... getting "old fashioned" things like this help me to remember that truly the world is full of so much good-- things to hope for - love to receive and give--  and that I should focus on the anticipation of that. Just that... for the moment.


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